BIK – how to build a credit history?

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Our assessment of creditworthiness is based, among others, on entries contained in the Credit Information Bureau. Contrary to the mistaken opinion, BIK is not a list of our debts. The database contains all information, including those on correctly paid liabilities. It is on the basis of repaid credits and loans that we build high scoring in BIK, which in the long run can prove to be extremely helpful. How to build a credit history?


Why is high BIK scoring so important?

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A positive credit history not only means that we can apply for a higher loan or credit amount. High BIK scoring also allows us to negotiate better conditions in the form of lower interest rates and a lower margin. In the context of a large mortgage, this can mean very big savings! It is for this reason that it is worth agreeing to the processing of our information by BIK and systematically build a positive credit history.


Don’t be afraid of loans

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If you have never bought something in installments, you did not have a credit card and you did not decide on a loan, your BIK scoring simply does not exist. You need to make commitments for your credit history to be positive. It’s important to do it consciously and reasonably. The first step is to get a credit card. You don’t have to use it. The mere fact that you have it and you do not have any charges has a positive effect on your assessment in BIK.

It is also worth requesting to create a debit on the ROR account. As with a credit card, you don’t necessarily have to use a debit and then pay it back. Appropriate information on the lack of indebtedness gives you points for scoring. To actively improve the BIK rating , decide on an attractive loan for any purpose, as well as buying a 0% installment product. Of course, choose the amount and offers that will not burden your financial situation. Repay all obligations on time. This is the best way for an excellent credit history . The more actively repaid liabilities the better scoring in BIK .


Remember to process information in BIK

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Each person has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of information in the BIK. Of course, this is not favorable in a situation when we want to build a positive assessment of creditworthiness. When we decide on loans or purchases in installments, we always consent to the processing of information. Only in this way will BIK store positive entries about the obligations you repay . Okay, what if we get a leg up? How to “neutralize” a problematic loan that lowers our rating?

If in the case of a given loan we had minor problems with repayment, we ask for withdrawal of consent to the processing of information on this particular obligation. This is a long-term strategy because BIK will continue to track the repayments of a given loan, but will clear all information about it after five years. In this way, the problematic credit or loan will be removed and will not adversely affect our credit assessment.