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Charges for domestic violence include assault and assault between family members or persons involved in sentimental relationships, violations of injunctions or restraining orders, as well as charges related to harassment. Very often, the alleged victims of domestic violence decide that they do not want to press charges and abandon the case. Therefore, people accused of domestic violence often believe they do not need a lawyer.

Prosecutors normally ignore the wishes of victims in domestic violence crimes because they are concerned about public policies to prevent future violence and the belief that victims are usually financially dependent on the alleged aggressor. Some special evidentiary exceptions allow prosecutors to use 911 calls in trials as a substitute for victim testimony in court if the victim does not wish to cooperate.

All about bail bonds in Miami

A person accused of even a misdemeanor of domestic violence cannot get out of jail until he appears before the judge. This is true even if the person has paid the bail established in their case. Judges often require the defendant to undergo house arrest with a GPS monitor on the ankle for the duration of the criminal case. In all cases of domestic violence, the judge issues a “no contact order” to prevent the accused from communicating or physically approaching the alleged victim during the entire criminal process.

Often, these types of cases are accompanied by a separate civil judicial order if the victim chooses an additional way of protecting the courts. Domestic violence processes can be won by an alleged victim of domestic violence even if there is no police evidence implicating the victim (the applicant) and the defendant (the respondent).

Domestic violence charges and injunctions pose severe consequences, such as:

  • Loss of employment if you are a government employee or have a state or federal license or a security permit.
  • Immediate loss of the right to own or buy weapons.
  • Consequences serious for immigration, including deportation.
  • Convictions for domestic violence cannot be sealed or removed from the criminal record.
  • A conviction for a misdemeanor of domestic violence with injuries may result in:
  • Up to one year in prison.
  • One year of probation.
  • 6 months of participation in an intense anger management program called the Intervention Program for Aggressors (BIP).

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