Get Out of your Prison to Keep Going

There are situations in which there seems to be no way to go on, in which everything gets complicated and conspires to keep us from raising our heads. However, many situations are complicated until we see them that way. Moving forward is easy when we have the courage to get out of our prison.  


It is common to see people who exaggerate everything that happens to them and get nervous because they cannot control the outcome of any decision made by them. Knowing what will happen before starting a business or planning the future second by second – or at least try – is for many people a lifestyle (and a constant frustration). But is it really necessary to complicate the present so much to plan everything that will happen?


Life can be much simpler and not lacking in opportunities.  Trying to support and control everything is an impossible mission that deprives us of great moments of happiness and the possibility of discovering, knowing and surprising ourselves.


Let us listen, let us not oppose each other and trust the journey

Let us listen, let us not oppose each other and trust the journey

Life has to give us much more than our mind can conceive . Why shut us up in the prison of control and plan absolutely everything? It is not a question of advancing without a goal or in an unconscious way, but of leaving the door open to what luck will have, because it will do so. In the case of negative experiences, in most cases we can choose whether to face them or succumb to them.


How to recognize this path? Listening to us will show us the way. If we are able to be sincere, to silence the voices that tell us what we have to do or that show us what is (politically) correct, we will be able to hear our inner voice. And when we feel we have to do something outside of the plan, something different, don’t oppose it. Let’s explore what we are asked by our inner voice. We decipher what we need and look for ways to do it within our means.


The most important aspect, however, is to trust the journey. Only in this way could we enjoy it to the fullest and benefit from it. Only then will we find the means of expression we need to air our feelings and our emotions, to grow, to be ourselves and move forward.   


We have the keys to our prison

We have the keys to our prison

Many times all our potential is forced into a prison of which we ourselves have the key . But why do we do it? Why do we design a life that cuts our wings instead of following the rhythm of flight? Why, having such a potential, do we submit to a mediocre life?


The truth is that the idea of ​​having everything under control and planned seems to be very convenient. However, comfort can be highly misleading. To open the doors of our cell, we must begin to get rid of this limited vision that does not allow us to look beyond, which does not allow us to contemplate all the opportunities that arise.  


Certainly this comfort often arises as a result of past experiences. The suffering and pain our emotional load backpack fears, complexes and limiting beliefs. How about turning this heavy emotional backpack into a toolbox?


We have the key and the power to open the door and move on

We have the key and the power to open the door and move on

It is one thing to know that you have the key, another is to have the courage to use it to open the door and go out.  Fear lies behind every decision made. The fear of failure, of the unknown, of not being good enough, of having taken the wrong path or of being judged, all this holds us back. However, not acting is the best way to have regrets, to die without having lived.


Are you afraid of failure, but are not afraid of losing the opportunity to triumph? Are you afraid of making mistakes, but not letting yourself miss a good idea? Are you afraid of being judged, but do not fear the opinion that you will have of yourself in the future?


Don’t let fear guide your actions, you will never regret having made an important decision.  Even when we fail, even when we are wrong … every step is important for our personal growth. Every step brings us closer to our goals – even when this step is a mistake – and gives us the opportunity to be free to make courageous decisions.


Let’s explore beyond our comfort zone to move forward

Our comfort zone is our prison. Nothing holds us in it. Let’s go out and open up to the world. Our comfort zone will remain where we left it if we need to return. We remember that we have the key. We are free to go out and even to come back.


We must take the risk of putting out one foot first and then the other. If we believe in our choice, we embrace this risk. We must not throw ourselves all at once if we are not prepared, rather let’s do it step by step. As we move forward, we will feel safer and, above all, much better with ourselves.


Uncertainty before risk plays an important role. As we get used to this uncertainty, as we learn to manage it, fear will give way to curiosity and the desire to go further.

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